April, 2020

April,  2020

Sordide will soon release a book with lyrics from their three albums, each one illustrated by a different artist. The publication date is unknown, but here is the list of the people involved :

Bière Noire / Riton La Mort – Ni nom ni drapeau
Louise Brunnodóttir – Blâme
Julien Burn Brunet – Gloire
Førtifem – L’innocence
Amy Wood – La France a peur
Ben Sanair – Pauvre Histoire
沈若潭 – Violence
Cyrille Yetiz – L’incendiaire
Cäme Rdr – Révolte
Laurie Patalo – L’ombre
Arrache-toi un Oeil – Trop tard
Guillaume Tiret – Salis par la haine
Lia Vile – Fuir la lumière
Titou – Sans regrets
Flobath – La peur du noir
Hoel Von Helvet – Hier déjà mort
JJ Metzger – Le cadavre ou l’offrande
Muzah Van Tricht – La chute
Patrice Hervé – Carapace
Julien Raboteau – La saveur de la fièvre

Preview : cover by Julien Brunet

January,  2020

January,  2020

We are honoured to present the vinyl edition of Iffernet’s debut, co-released with Vendetta Records, Bad Moon Rising 惡月上昇 & WV Sorcerer Productions.

Official release date is set to February 23rd, to be celebrated in Berlin along with Turia. You can pre-order it at iffernet.bandcamp.com.

Freshly mastered by Marlon Wolterink at White Noise Studio.
Artwork and layout by Louise Brunnodóttir / Logo & drawing by Patrice Réglat-Vizzavona.


December,  2019

December,  2019

Iffernet will join Turia on a central European tour in February 2020 :

Turia - Iffernet

Next Sordide gig :

October 2019

October,  2019

Drumless black metal duo Oderg In joins La Harelle.

Next show in Rouen with Mhönos and Neige Morte.

Next shows :

September 19, 2019

September 19,  2019

Iffernet debut album full streaming and reviewing by NO CLEAN SINGING.

“The album is a colossal panorama of despondency and despair that’s unrelenting in the intensity of its devotion to those visions, and so powerful in its achievements that it won’t leave most listeners unaffected.”

Release tour :
02/10 @ Canadian Café, Tours, FR
03/10 @ Raymond Bar, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
04/10 @ L’intermédiaire, Marseille, FR
05/10 @ La Villa Cool, Toulon, FR
06/10 @ L’Althérax, Nice, FR
08/10 @ Hirscheneck, Basel, CH
09/10 @ Kuzeb, Bremgarten, CH
10/10 @ Urgence Disk, Geneva, CH
12/10 @ Brasserie Ouroboros, Freycenet-LA-Tour, FR
13/10 @ Secret Place, Nevers, FR
17/10 @ Le Trois Pièces, Rouen, FR

April 2019

April 2019

Malemort finished the recording of a new song, for a split release with the mighty Endless Floods.

Mòr started the recording of a few songs.

Next gigs :

January 2019

January 5, 2019

For the release of its third album, Hier déjà mort, SORDIDE will be touring next in France, Switzerland and Italy. Ten gigs alongwith the Utrecht-based atmospheric black metal trio TURIA.